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Protect your most valuable asset.

Super Lawyer Rising Star Sarah Simpson

Simpson Law is a Lubbock, Texas-based law firm that focuses on protecting trademarks, patents, copyrights, and trade secrets.

Have a name, logo, or other intellectual property you need to protect?

From startups to multinational companies, Ms. Simpson’s clients rely on her to protect their valuable intellectual property assets.

Simpson Law focuses on trademark and patent law to offer quick turnaround services, flat-fee prices, and knowledgeable advice. Ms. Simpson aims to provide trusted legal services with a personal touch that is unmatched in the West Texas area, and she would love to earn your business.

Now offering flat-fee rates!

Simpson Law is excited to offer flat-fee rates for trademark, copyright, design patent, trade secret, and provisional patent application services. Client satisfaction is a top priority at Simpson Law, which includes timely and transparent billing.

Once you sign an Engagement Agreement with Simpson Law, you will not be billed for every quick phone call and email. Ms. Simpson encourages regular communication, which allows her to tackle small problems before they become big problems. Ms. Simpson wants to build a lasting relationship with you based on mutual trust and respect, and she believes that starts with fair and transparent billing practices.

If you are seeking a law firm with predictable rates, contact Simpson Law today!
Simple Process
Flat Fees

Simpson Law is an intellectual property boutique firm. Services include:

  • Trademark clearance, registration & maintenance
  • Copyright registration & protection
  • Utility and design patent drafting & prosecution
  • Trade secret protection
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Simpson Law is the face of a modern law practice. By eliminating unnecessary overhead, Simpson Law is structured to provide knowledgeable legal advice at a lower cost compared to other specialty intellectual property firms.

As one of the only practicing attorneys in the West Texas area who is licensed to practice before the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), Sarah Simpson provides a unique perspective and knowledge that will assist you in registering your patents and trademarks and protecting your intellectual property. Ms. Simpson has prepared and prosecuted hundreds of trademark and patent applications before the USPTO.

What makes my trademarks my most valuable asset?

Would you buy a high-priced mobile device or computer if it did not include a source-identifying trademark (such as Apple®)? Without a trademark, how would you know the quality, value or brand reputation of any product or service you purchase?

Trademarks drive purchasing choices. From buying a car to purchasing a bottle of wine, we make purchasing decisions every day based on products’ trademarks. Trademarks protect your company’s goodwill (including your brand reputation and customer loyalty). Your trademark is more than your name—it is how people know they are getting a quality product/service from a reputable company.

I would love the opportunity to work with you to protect your trademarks. While do-it-yourself websites offering low, flat-fee trademark services might seem easy and appealing, such companies will not provide the individualized services required to protect your trademarks correctly and fully. Many of my clients have used those automated services, only to end up hiring my law firm when their trademark application failed to register.

Contact Simpson Law today, and you will work and communicate directly with me, Sarah Simpson, a licensed patent and trademark attorney.

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